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Why We're HOT!


In short – frustration! It was the perfect storm of three factors that led to the creation of the Florida Keys Hot Sauce Company:  


  • Crazy lust for hot sauce. Since I was a child, I put hot sauce on everything - scrambled eggs, fries, hamburgers, steak, fish, oysters and some other combinations you may find perturbing. You can also get creative and flavor your tartar or cocktail sauce, swirl into soups, mix it into your ground pork for sausage patties, or melt it in with butter for fiery popcorn. I really started to develop a taste for hot sauces and specialty blends.
  • Years of experience in restaurant industry. I started off managing an Applebee’s, and learned very quickly that Tabasco controls the market. And, though I have nothing against Applebee’s food, it is far from the Florida Keys Fresh Seafood I have managed the majority of my adult life and far from a world where you would use Tabasco. If you are going to break etiquette in the world of fine dining (as I often do) to use hot sauce, one simply cannot use low end hot sauces and red moldy spiced liquids that overpower the taste of what one is eating.
  • No sauce to meet the Florida Keys' fine dining? The Florida Keys has some of the best dining in the country, and it is hard to beat some of our local seafood dishes. Managing the Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant was my final straw. I could not believe while serving dishes that cost locals a week’s salary, they did not offer a quality hot sauce to match the quality of their food.


So after years of product design, development and testing, I founded the Florida Keys Hot Sauce Co. in 2010 and it has been a Florida Keys locally owned and operated business ever since.  It is now the dominant hot sauce down in the Keys for people who love hot sauce and care about taste.  You can see a list of restaurants that carry our hot sauces in the Where to Buy section.


Whether it is our popular Key’s “Conch” sauce or any other of our private lines of sauces and products, if you like hot sauces, I guarantee you that we have one that will make you throw away whatever you picked up in the grocery store. These are not your average sauces.



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